DWM 2016, Day 2

La Pine, OR to Reno-ish, NV
Miles: 450
Song of the day: Grown So Ugly – The Black Keys



IMG_20160528_120601123_HDRThe day started pretty chilly in the mid thirties, but got up to about 50 by the time I got to Lakeview. Two words which could best encapsulate the ride are ‘bugs’ and ‘contrast’.

One of the great things about high desert climates in the north (in my opinion) is that during the spring and fall the water and warm temperatures bring on a fair amount of lush green vegetation. Areas that see very little water from mid-June through September spring to life in an array of colors but most notable light to dark green. Very large lake beds like Goose Lake and Summer Lake are normally nearly or completely dry when I come through in September. It was a whole different experience traveling through here at this time of the year. There’s a whole lot of water and the marshlands that make up a good portion of these large shallow lakes were really amazing to see.

The downside to all the water in these climates is that they mean bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. I was riding through hatches of something pretty much the rest of the way after Summer Lake. Hopefully tomorrow will mean less bugs as I get south — it’s a bugger having to clean my face shield every hour or so. Anyway, made it to Hallelujah Junction by about 5 PM and headed up into the Sierra Valley to check for a camping spot. I figured it might be tough given that it is Memorial Day weekend and all, but I found one at the first campground I entered up at Frenchman Lake. Nice!

IMG_20160528_120146550_TOPAfter securing a spot I took off and rode around the east end of the valley to have dinner at Los Dos Hermanos in Sierraville. I’ve been there many times but had never seen more than a handful of people in there. This time the place was packed. I managed to get the last table. After that I went in search of a dead tree that I’ve been taking pictures of for the last five years when I’m up here. I finally have a ‘better than cell phone’ camera and I wanted to get a few shots of it. To my dismay, it appears as if the tree finally bowed to the will of mother nature at some point last year and all that was left was a stump and some dead wood on the ground. Bummer.

IMG_20160528_120057984_HDRTomorrow it is off to Lone Pine, CA through Reno.





Fort Rock, OR
Shoe Tree just north of Reno

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