DWM 2016, Day 20

Ely to Winnemucca
Miles: 270
Song of the Day: Baddest Man Alive – The Black Keys and RZA


Well, this trip is winding down. There were high winds in the forecast for Ely (eeeleee) starting mid morning. There was no wind when I left, although it was a bit chilly – I’m definitely heading north. I had been on NV 50 for a while coming into Ely and I headed out on it for a little bit before hitting 278 north to Carlin. From there it was the slab (I 80) to Winnemucca.

NV 50 is dubbed the ‘Loneliest Road in America’.  I think the lonelier part is further west of Ely because the sections I was on weren’t all that lonely. There were long stretches of straight road but not overly significant and plenty of decent riding through various passes and ranges. It was actually quite nice riding; very similar to Eastern Oregon. I definitely had been on lonelier stretches of road in AZ, southern NM and other parts of NV – case in point the day prior.

It was a mostly windless day with not a whole lot to look at; one of those days where you just sit back, relax and move. When I got into Winnemucca the sky was looking ominous and freezing rain was in the forecast. I decided a hotel would be a prudent thing to acquire so I got a room at one of the local casinos. I took a walk to do some laundry, the wind started picking up and the dust was blowing like crazy. Later on the wind backed off but it got down into the 30’s so I was glad for the shelter of the hotel.

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