DWM 2016, Day 4

Lone Pine, CA to Valley of Fire, NV
Miles: 300
Song of the Day: Panda – Desiigner


Southern end of the Sierra Nevada’s near Lone Pine, CA

I wanted to get an early start and beat the heat (as much as possible) so I got up at 5 and was on the road by 6 AM. There was almost no traffic and it was a bit windy heading across the valley to the  small range of mountains that border the western edge of Death Valley. Dropping down into the valley was pretty neat….it kinda felt like being on the moon or something. I went through Panamint Springs first. There was a group of about 20 bikes there at the motel and gas station. I only saw one of them gearing up. The rest were likely having breakfast or something. Read More

DWM 2016, Day 3

Reno-ish, NV to Lone Pine, CA
Miles: 300
Song of the day: How to Handle a Rope – QOTSA



IMG_20160529_134510960_HDRBeautiful day riding along the Sierra Nevada mountains from Reno to Lone Pine. Got some pretty wild temperature changes; at one point going from 85 down to 65 in about 10 minutes. Talked with some riders when I stopped for lunch in Lee Vining and they got hit by hail storms up in some of the passes but I manged to stay dry the whole way :).

DSC00220Most of us from Oregon have been to the Bend area (or thereabouts) and have seen the cascades from the eastern side. A long time ago I was also able to travel along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains as well. The eastern side of these mountain ranges are much more spectacular, in my opinion. Even Steens Mountain (yes, it’s one mountain, not a range) looks better from the east. I bet a lot of it has to do with climate, elevation and vegetation. Read More

DWM 2016, Day 2

La Pine, OR to Reno-ish, NV
Miles: 450
Song of the day: Grown So Ugly – The Black Keys



IMG_20160528_120601123_HDRThe day started pretty chilly in the mid thirties, but got up to about 50 by the time I got to Lakeview. Two words which could best encapsulate the ride are ‘bugs’ and ‘contrast’.

One of the great things about high desert climates in the north (in my opinion) is that during the spring and fall the water and warm temperatures bring on a fair amount of lush green vegetation. Areas that see very little water from mid-June through September spring to life in an array of colors but most notable light to dark green. Very large lake beds like Goose Lake and Summer Lake are normally nearly or completely dry when I come through in September. It was a whole different experience traveling through here at this time of the year. There’s a whole lot of water and the marshlands that make up a good portion of these large shallow lakes were really amazing to see. Read More

DWM 2016, Day 1

Day1.fwPortland to La Pine, OR
Miles: 205
Song from the day: What’s He Building In There – Tom Waits (I kinda wonder if my neighbors feel this way about me)


IMG_20160527_075535547Not too eventful of a day today. Down through Salem and over the Santiam pass (Detroit has water in it!) to Bend. Traffic was pretty light so I think my plan of getting ahead of the holiday weekend a bit worked ;). Had lunch with my sister and nephew in Bend. He just graduated from pre-school! On my way to my Aunt and Uncle’s place in La Pine I took a quick detour up to Newberry Crater. Hardly any traffic to hold me back and the pavement was in great shape so I warmed up the tires a bit.

At my Aunt and Uncle’s I managed to get the kitchen faucet replaced after two trips to Bi Mart attempting get the right parts to fit an ‘interesting’ water hook up. After that, managed to get the WiFi fixed as well and Uncle’s iPad working again :). Was great to get and visit with them but also looking forward to getting further from the familiar and closer to the novel tomorrow. Read More

DWM 2016, Day -6099


That’s correct: -6099. As in, 6099 days prior to June 2016; which would be approximately September 1999. It was a couple of years after I got divorced and I was living with some folks in NE Portland. I think for most of us, if we choose to reflect, there are people and moments in time which leave an indelible mark on who we are and eventually become; the main characters and trailer-scenes for the movie that is ones life.
2016_05_10_12_24_17For me, one of those main characters along the way; parts surrogate father, crazy uncle and good friend, was Norm Wyers. In the summer of ‘99 he suggested I join him on a ‘genealogical research trip’. He was going to pick up the tab in exchange for help driving and oh, by the way, we were going to drive right past my Mom’s place in Oklahoma. Nice. Although there was definitely some research that occurred; for me it was more an opportunity to spend some time on the road, see some new things and get to visit my Mom on the cheap. Thanks Norm! Read More